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Who is Simon Dixon? (Simon Dixon on Wikipedia)


Simon Dixon is CEO and founder of BankToTheFuture.com and an active Banking Reformer, using his influence in business, education and politics.

Author of the books ‘Bank To The Future’ and ‘Student To CEO’, Simon Dixon spent the early part of his professional career in the City of London having experience as a stock broker, trader and investment banker.

Originally trained as an economist, mastering from the University of Manchester, he now spends his time helping entrepreneurs and investors through BankToTheFuture.com, working with students and graduates through BankTalkShow.com and a public speaker, presenting across financial institutions, universities on banking reform and social entrepreneurship.

His current roles as CEO of BankToTheFuture.com, managing the investment portfolio of Metal Monkey Private Equity and Chairman of training and consultancy company Benedix (Owner of BankTalkShow.com) keeps him closely in touch with the financial industry and technological innovation.

He is actively involved in campaigning for a fundamental reform of our banking system and educating all levels on the financial crisis.

As a public speaker, he has presented at financial institutions including TD Waterhouse, Bloomberg, ODL, Schroders, the FSSC, Institute For Social Banking, the CISI and Man Group to mention a few.

His work with universities includes presentations at LSE, UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, LSBF, Warwick and most other major universities across the UK.

He has also provided commentary for the BBC, Channel 4, Bloomberg and major papers like FT, Guardian, Times, City AM, Investors Chronicle etc.

Simon Dixon dedicates himself to his belief that banking can truly be reformed by investing in alternative banking technology, educating the next generation of banking and finance professionals and marketing the political campaign for banking reform.


Simon Dixon on BankToTheFuture.com

Simon Dixon was co-founder of BankToTheFuture.com – the world∙s first social network financial institution where people, entrepreneurs and investors can fund, borrow, raise funds and invest in each other.

People are able to fund each other directly through a number ofinnovative disruptive financial products.

We help entrepreneurs raise funds even if they are new to finance and business and investors get a return on their savings either through rewards, interest or equity.

It provides a working model of how to change the rules of money and banking to show that there is another way that can serve people, planet and make the funds available to those who have missions to do good through their projects and businesses.

Register your details and start to build your social capital score at www.BankToTheFuture.com and check out Simon’s book ‘Bank To The Future: Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust’

Simon Dixon on Banking Reform

As a banking reformer and author of ‘Bank To The Future: Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust’, Simon Dixon campaigns for three reforms in banking.

Simon believes that there are three fatal flaws in banking that need to change:

1. When you deposit a money with a bank, they become the legal owners of your money.

2. When they become the legal owners of your money they can speculate with it and use it as they wish.

3. Banks create money by issuing loans leading to boom and bust cycles and the eventual collapse of our banking system or the bankruptcy of our government.

After presenting at over 200 universities, mastering in economics and founding 3 businesses in banking and finance, Simon Dixon believes that banks should not be allowed to create money out of thin air and that the best way to lend and borrow is through the social networks.

As Banks create out nations money supply in the form of debt, we are in a scenario where we have to refinance personal debt, corporate debt, government debt and attack third world countries for their money supply in order to keep up the illusion of economic growth.

If we separate money creation from banking and utilise technological advances like social networks and person to person lending, we can rid ourselves of ‘boom and bust’, ‘too big to fail’, ‘moral hazard’, ‘crazy bonuses’ and all the other symptoms of privately created debt based money.

This means banks can get on with banking and paying themselves what they want without us caring and step out of politics, making a stable banking system that works.

Simon Dixon on Banking Careers

Simon Dixon founded Benedix (BankTalkShow.com) in order to provide training and consultancy services for students and graduates that want to earn more, achieve more and get more offers in Banking and Finance. It owns the social network BankTalkShow.com.

Benedix has become the worlds leading training and consultancy for students seeking careers in banking and finance after securing angel funding from Peter Hargreaves, the founder of Hargreaves Lansdown.

Traditional university taught ways of securing careers in Banking and Finance have become highly ineffective in the post credit crunch environment due to the rise of freelancing, contracting, outsourcing brought on by technological innovation as well as the mis match between what employers want and what universities are producing.

Simon Dixon founded Benedix to prepare students for the hugely competitive entrepreneurial revolution ahead, as less students are able to secure graduate schemes the traditional way.

Simon later published his book ‘Student To CEO: 97 Ways To Influence Your Way To The Top In Banking & Finance’ to provide a more affordable way for students and graduates to earn more, achieve more and get more offers in Banking & Finance.

You can start connecting with banking and finance professionals and developing your though leadership by creating your profile @ www.BankTalkShow.com

Simon Dixon Television Appearances

Simon Dixon is passionate about getting more money to the productive economy and business and away from the speculative economy.

Metal Monkey Private Equity partners with small businesses that have not fully tapped into the social networks and adjusted to new innovations in technology.

Metal Monkey’s partners to date have mainly been businesses centered around niche specialist experts and authors and financial institutions that need to adjust to web 3.0.

Many businesses have suffered as they do not understand the true power of social networks, new ways of handling customers and the new formulas for marketing and product creation using new technology.

When we combine our expertise in technology and marketing 3.0 to existing businesses, we can significantly increase valuation together.

We also offer consultancy and execution services for small businesses or those that have created a free lance career centered around their area of expertise (Eg. Authors, Seminar Leaders etc.) that want to plug their expertise into a proven business model to increase the business’ valuation.

To understand more about Marketing 3.0, get your free video training at http://www.MetalMonkeyPrivateEquity.com

Simon Dixon on Wikipedia

Connect with me on Google+ at +Simon Dixon


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  2. [...] former investment banker and campaigner for banking and monetary reform Simon Dixon has a post with his predictions for the next few years [...]

  3. Simon Dixon says:

    First the rfeomr I propose is not really mine, is comes from reading the entire history of monetary thought. I simply promote this school of thought.

    Capitalism will never be perfect we can only hope for the best system measured by freedom.

    There will always be people that value money more highly than others and work harder to accumulate it, but if you sort out the flaws of fractional reserve banking, this will be more of a choice than it is today.

    There will be further reforms after this, this is just my mission to put stability back into finance and money.

    The rules need changing, and they will need further changes after too.

    Hope this helps.

    Simon Dixon

  4. Hi Simon,

    the Monetary Reform of yours sounds like a good idea. Money should work for its use-value. But are u sure that capitalism could work without accumulation of capital?

    And besides economy, which majorities do u see in global societies that are ready for your ‘money-revolution’? The debt regime has lots to loose …


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  6. [...] Dixon's Blog Banking & Monetary Reform HomeAboutBlogSpeaking & MediaBooksContact ∜Insider Reveals One secret you don∙t know about [...]

  7. [...] Dixon's Blog Banking & Monetary Reform HomeAboutBlogSpeaking & MediaBooksContact ∜Insider Reveals One secret you don∙t know about [...]

  8. Janos Abel says:

    Hello Simon,
    You say:
    “…[W]hile we still live under the current financial system, under which boom and bust is inevitable, the only activity that will guarantee your income and provide a consistent return is speculation and trading.”

    If big money can be made from “speculation and trading” won’t those who so benefit, will resist change to the bitter end? I. e. how can we overcome the systemic resistance to radical change?

  9. Simon Dixon says:

    All videos are posted on my blog and I send updates with every new video.

    In the mean time check out:


    Let me know what you think.

    Simon Dixon

  10. Kamran says:

    can u plz send me the free videos thanks

  11. [...] Dixon's Blog Banking & Monetary Reform HomeAbout Simon DixonEventsBlogContact Simon 26 DEC [...]

  12. Peter Young says:

    Nice site, Simon. I will link to you from EconomicStability.org.

    You do a great job of explaining the whole monetary reform concept in an hour in the video lecture.

    It was great to meet you at the AMI conference ion Chicago and I wish you (and Monetary Reform) well.

    Pete Y. from Vermont

  13. Shyam says:

    Hi there,

    I have been to Simons banking and finance training seminars. They are very helpful to students in First year, 2nd year, and final year; as well as all other groups and ages. I found it very interesting and would recommend anyone to go to it if they are looking to go into a career in trading.